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          Baking experimental base

          2012-03-04 10:57:54


          1. Baked products and nutritious food is combined by Gugu bakery, We create a new model for store operating.

          2. We operates bakery products, such as bread, toast, freshly baked products, raw material quality, fresh supply, to provide  with high quality, health, nutrition, fresh baked goods for you.

          3. The same time, we have a nutritional food Showcase, held a nutrition seminar on a regular basis, so you can at home to understand and closely related to nutrition knowledge, recognize their own physical condition, and enhance awareness of nutrition and health, nutrition, eat and eat healthy.

          4.We volunteer to provide high quality, healthy and nutritious food for you to create a high quality of life!

          Nice and healthy living, from Gugu Bakery!

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